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The Patio Weeder is exactly what it says. A tool for getting weeds out from between slabs whatever their intention!

Weeds that get left soon make their home there, inevitably causing all sorts of problems. They get bigger causing the slabs to become dislodged, especially if it’s a pernicious perennial weed such as bindweed or dandelions.

Once the weed has grown above the ground, it means that it’s root has grown in equal measure. If left untended it will start to displace the slab, leaving places for ants and other small beasties to live.

The tool-head is made from the tines of a potato harvester with flattened ends so that it will fit between paving

The handle is in Our ‘Walk Down a Country Lane’ Range and is Native British wildflowers, grasses and other bits and bobs picked from one of the ‘walks’ that me (on my mobility scooter!) and our dog Mango do regularly!

Wild flowers? Scraper that gets rid of weeds? You have to appreciate the irony!

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