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The onion hoe is used for hoeing between onion sets (surprising as that is!) which may be tricky to weed with a fork or trowel.

They are better to use because a) hoeing doesn’t disrupt the young root system as much as digging and b) Nige has designed a tool head that gets into the areas around the onions instead of needing to move around them, thus compacting the soil by treading on it. The length of the hoe shaft is smaller than normal and so is easier to control.

This means that it is not restricted to hoeing around onions but any delicate plant, vegetable, herb or flower.

The head is made using a rescued potato harvester tine with the working head originally being an old saw, cut into sections.

The handle is made from in the theme ‘Petals’, in this case, sunflowers from different cultivars i.e. yellow and yellow with brown and burgundy.

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