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Hooks are used essentially to cut down swathes of overgrown weeds and grass.

If an old allotment or garden has been taken on, or left untended over time it may be unkempt and overgrown, seemingly too much to manage.

The first tool of use, especially if you don’t want the expense, pollution and noise of a strimmer, is a Hook. This cuts all long weeds down to a manageable level, so that areas can be prepared ready for your own personal choices, placing beds, ponds, sheds, trees; whatever you want in your garden! Alternatively, they can be used for cutting round trees that a strimmer may damage or along fences that have inaccessible grass or weeds. (Usually from a neighbour’s garden!)

The inspiration came from our dog, Mango, who believes that all toys are made to be destroyed with as much mess as possible Not wanting, generally to just throw things away, we decided to try putting the threads in resin

Liking the result we used it on a Knapmans Hook. Knapmans are a generations old company, who are still based in Totnes, Devon.

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