About Us

Made in Devon is a a shop that sells hand crafted tools for garden and allotment use. They have all come from the scrap heap of life where we get them, clean and mend (or change to something better) They are all made using recycled or recyclable materials where possible and are given a bit of whimsy with a hand made, handle. This too is made from recycled or recyclable items, from ribbon to bamboo, flowers and wood.

We are not recycling because it’s trendy to do so but because we genuinely believe that older tools, were made with skill, using stronger metal, instead of being built cheaply, in a factory, idenitically being discarded after a couple of uses. Ours are designed and made with thought, care and the user in mind.

The reasons for this thinking become clear when you know more about us. We met 25 years ago when we both worked as gardeners for the National Trust. We were both expected to maintain the tools and machinery so that it was safe and workable.

I went down the plant route too, learning all the botanical names, history, location, and microcosm involved. I was and still am, fascinated with how different generations have viewed gardens and came to understand that instead of exppecting nature to changefor us, we have to work with it to get the best for all the things that we share the planet with. So we are trying to do that, albeit on a small scale, by producing fabulous tools!